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Chemicalland21.com observes strict standards for permitting links to and from other world wide web sites. However, please note that Chemicalland21 shall bear no responsibility to the contents and the privacy policy of the linked sites.

Minimum Quantity of dangerous products per Shipment:
The Minimum Quantity is stated on price information page. In case of dangerous products, LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment is not available. Though the quantity is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container, whole one container should be arranged and FCL freight is added on CFR prices in case of dangerous products.

Prepayment should be made via wire transfer in case of less than U$10,000,- per order. 100% prepayment or confirmed, irrevocable L/C. Lead Time: Generally we will ship from China Main Port within 2 weeks except for huge quantities or special packing requirement. The trade terms in our formal quotation shall be governed and interpreted under the provisions of 2000 INCOTERMS provided by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

We do not offer free sample; We charge actual sample shipping cost, and we will refund the sample cost when customer place regular commercial order.

Posting Inquiry
Qualified buyer's inquiries will be posted on the front page of this site so that buyers can receive quotation from manufacturers and suppliers directly together with ours.(If ours are available). Please let us know if you don't want to make your inquiry be posted. The inquiry will not be posted. Only we will send quotation for inquiries hidden preferred.

Governing law and jurisdiction:
Any disputes arising between the user and Chemicalland21.com shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea without regard to its conflict of law provisions. The parties to this disputes hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Korea.