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Chemicalland21.com aims to be a resource of industrial chemical information including technical data, safety data, market prices and related compounds. More than 200,000 products are listed and 20,000 detail descriptions are published. We also provide targeted quotation for the buyers.



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Here ,at Chemical Land21, best pricing , quality products and secure delivery are just the beginning. Customizing our services to meet your all requirements is our final goal. While 'Chemical Land21' want to be the strongest chemicals supplier, we are desirous to be your first choice when you think about service. We are sure our powerful supplying solutions and service will be your first choice in the chemical industry. Qualified buyer's inquiries will be posted in the front page so that buyers can receive quotation from manufacturers and suppliers directly as well as from us. Please let us know if hidden inquiry is preferred. Only we will send quotation for hidden inquiry.



Chemicalland21.com is the effective tools to promote your products and services. Manufacturers, distributors, exporters, traders, agents are kindly requested to contact us for the listing of your name on each product pages. Our product information service and consulting service will be Yours for your best marketing and advertising of your products.